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Agricultural Application

Silpaulin is one of the most popular names amongst the agricultural population of India due to its versatile uses, such as

  • Farm ponds / pond lining / fresh water ponds / fish ponds / raw water reservoirs / community water tank / portable water tank etc.
  • Covering of agricultural produce (pre & post) harvest sheets.
  • Spilling   
  • Portable vermi compost beds
  • Portable silpaulin plant nutrition bed
  • Green house / low tunnels / nursery sheds.
  • Drying of spices, areca nuts, coconut, rubber, chilies, turmeric, grapes (raisin) and other agricultural produce.
  • Fumigation of tobacco leaves food grains, grapes and other agricultural produce.
  • Poultry curtains and roofs.
  • Covering of tendu leaves, tamarind and other forest/hill produce.
  • Floor underlays (dunnage sheets).
  • Cattle sheds etc.
Agricultural Application

Greenhouse Roof Cover

Widely known for its waterproof and fire-proof characteristics, greenhouse roof cover is one of our most demanded tarpaulins. These are widely used in various segments and can be customized as per the definite demands of our esteemed customers. Our green house covers conform to the industry recommended quality standards followed in our establishment. These are known for the following features:

  • Transparent/ Opaque
  • White/ Colourless/ Coloured
  • Customised Fabrication
  • Quick Delivery
  • Wide Range
  • Longer Life even under heavy wind and also under constant exposure to sunlight.
Greenhouse Roof Cover

Portable Vermi Compost Beds

We are engaged in offering quality Portable Vermi Compost Beds. These are used for the earthworm farming application and other similar uses. The composition materials include shredded paper, composted animal manure, decaying leaves, peat moss and many other smaller materials. These materials absorb moisture and allow air to circulate. It’s made up of 100% waterproof HDPE plastic and are offered at very reasonable rates.



  • It reduces household garbage disposal costs;
  • It produces fewer odors and attracts fewer pests than putting food wastes into a garbage container;
  • It saves the water and electricity that kitchen sink garbage disposal units consume;
  • It produces a free, high-quality soil amendment (compost);
  • It requires little space, labor, or maintenance;
  • It spawns free worms for fishing.
Portable Vermi Compost Beds